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The 69 Eyes Macros

"Lolz dood, a vampire!"

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This is a community for macros about the Finnish vampirerock band The 69 Eyes. Macros? Well, like the picture above - pics about the guys with some funny text. For normal 69 Eyes pics, we suggest communitys like 69eyes_daily.

We have a few rules:
+ All posts should contain an Eyes-macro of some sort.
+ A nice macro font to use is Impact. So no fuzzy fonts you can't read.
+ Typing liek this iz weri accetable, but only in the macroz, doods.
+ Troublemakers will be banned! So be nice.
+ If there are many photos or large ones, please, LJ -cut!
+ If you find a funny pic which you wish for other to make a caption, use LJ -cut as well.
+ If you have a trouble/question, contact the mods.

And no, this is NOT a community which would make fun of the guys in a bad way. This is a fan community for those fans who love the band, but can allso laugh to them.